Check out this internet video I stumbled upon that is made up of some great tips.. Rich media like video is not always my preferred communication medium in this community. I love taking part in your goal to get higher returns from the this volatile market. Deciding how to pick penny stocks is a delicate process that can work for anyone willing to do the research. Penny stocks do make money. The do require risk. There are ways to mitigate risk and set yourself up to win no matter what. Learn what penny stocks are, what it means to pump and dump and a sweet short cut to researching for the perfect investment opportunity instead of waiting for it to come to you. 1. Fact or Fiction? How Penny Stock Generate Income The first thing I want everyone to understand is trading penny stocks are not a get rich quick sceme. However, trading penny stocks offers the highest potential investment returns in stock market. The flip-side is they also offer the highest potential losses, but with the lessons you will learn here you can mitigate a lot of that risk. You be wondering why you should even waste your time trading penny stocks. That answer is twofold, first there are many factors that go into trading any stock. You can do all of the research, look at financial statements, and know a company is great or awful, but with big money trader like hedge funds and investment firms you can’t control what they will do. Also, don’t under estimate the affect those institutions can have on the stock market. For example, I along with many other people believed Netfilx was overvalued earlier in 2011. When the stock was trading over 0 per share, but those big money traders fell in love with the stock and
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Beware the NIA Penny Stock Pump & Dump

Schiff Report Video Blog May 20th 2011 NIA touts penny stock Mega Precious Metals based solely on its “inferred” 1.2 million ounces of gold. However, NIA knows that “inferred” resources are practically meaningless. More important, they also know that their members, not being sophisticated gold investors, have no clue what “inferred” means and they exploit that ignorance to create a false impression of value. Mega Precious Metals is Mega BS DO NOT BUY ANY PENNY STOCKS TOUTED BY NIA Note: NIA responded to this video by raising a straw man. They claimed they did not “pump and dump” the stock since they did not personally sell any shares. However I never accused them of that. I alleged that a third party paid them to pump up the stock so the third party could sell their shares. The fact that they never addressed this allegation is pretty compelling evidence that it’s true. In fact, by including a disclosure that NIA did not own any shares in their original pump and dump email, they deliberately created the false impression that there was no conflict of interest behind their analysis. However, this is certainly not true if they neglected to disclose that a third party looking to dump their shares paid them to send out the email. They also claimed that they warned their members that Mega’s gold ounces were merely “inferred.” That is my point –they did not warn them!. They did not define “inferred”, and they counted on the fact that their members would wrongfully assume that

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