Another major exchange that penny stocks, micro cap stocks and small cap stocks trade on is the Pink OTC Markets (aka: Pink Sheets)., which operate an electronic inter-dealer quotation system, known as Pink Quote, that displays quotes and last-sale information for many OTC equity securities. Pink Quote does not require companies whose securities are quoted on its system to meet any eligibility requirements. With the exception of some foreign issuers, the companies quoted on Pink Quote tend to be closely held, very small and/or thinly traded. Most issuers do not meet the minimum listing requirements for trading on a national securities exchange. Many of these companies do not file periodic reports or audited financial statements with the SEC. As such, it may be difficult for the public to find current, reliable information about companies quoted through Pink Quote. Pink OTC Markets, Inc. also offers two voluntary services, OTCQX and OTCQX International, for companies meeting certain minimum criteria. Companies qualifying for OTCQX or OTCQX International may have recently been delisted from trading on a national securities exchange, or may be listed on a foreign securities market but not on a U.S. exchange.

Pink OTC Markets, Inc. is a privately held company, still commonly referred to as “Pink Sheets,” which was the name of the company during the days when it was a publication on pink paper that listed the names and phone numbers of broker-dealers providing quotes in OTC equity securities. For further information on the services offered by Pink OTC Markets, Inc. you may view its websites at, and