Knowing where to buy small cap and micro cap stocks online can help you go a long way in your career in trading and cuts down on the time and expense involved in using a full service broker. To get started, you need to find a special kind of online brokerage firm. Not all brokers are engaged in trading penny stocks so it’s important to ask before you sign up. You can choose from legitimate online discount brokers or full-service brokers. Legitimate discount brokers provide quality service at a lower fee and don’t skimp on quality, although they typically don’t offer a more personalized service that is offered by full-service brokers.

Micro cap penny stocks are not your standard stocks. Instead, they are very low-value stocks in terms of capitalization. Like their giant counterpart stocks, investing in penny stocks is risky as well, but they can provide you with huge profit and great returns if you pick a good company that has a solid business plan and the right management team in place. Small cap and micro cap stocks are traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ they are typically traded on what are called Over the Counter exchanges such as the OTC BB, OTC QX, OTC QB, OTC Pink etc…

Now, to answer the question of where to actually sign up for and trade penny stocks online, a few services we recommend are Zecco Trading, a discount broker that offers the lowest cost of trades online without a minimum investment and activity fees. Zecco also provides you with powerful tools that are really handy for your stock trading activity. Another trusted company to buy stocks from is E*Trade, an online broker with easy-to-use tools to make your trading experience convenient. You can also buy from Noble Trading, a reputable online broker that allows you to electronically trade an unlimited number of shares of OTCBB and Pink Sheet securities for a flat fee without additional fees. Scottrade is also a good place where to buy small cap stocks online due to its investor-friendly market research tools and online trading tools.

Just be careful the penny stock market is surrounded by scammers and unscrupulous people looking to make quick money by using fake “shell companies” and fake investments. In trying to know where to buy micro and small caps online, it’s important to do business only with legitimate and trusted companies so you won’t be easy prey to fraudulent companies that will instantly take away your money away and will vanish into thin air.

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